Melodies Of Friendship

The Melodies Of Friendship

This starry night. .

Reminds me of the old day

The days when we used to be together. .

My friend

We used to play each other, laugh each other

Even envying each other

But it because our friendship that make us strong

And that become melodies that going along with our lives


In this long night I wonder what you’re doing now

Where are you staring at?

Do you still remember our times?

When we all used to be together

The old music box for us

That keep our melodies forever


I know we are apart

I know that we have chosen our own path

But please know that I always be your friend

If we all meet again I want to playback that old music box

When all off us together again let’s play that melodies . . .



When the old day come let’s play the melodies again. . .


Even if you forget our times please know that. .

I still can hear the melodies until know. . .

Thank you. . .

PS :

– For my best friends in TKJ Crew

– For the IT Generation D1


Just Stand By Me

I felt so lonely once

So cold and unfriendly

And every second passed is killing me

And then you came . . .

You swept my fear and gave me a warm smile

That seems like saying

“ You’re not alone I will always with you”

That tell truth that I’m nothing without you


Now I am far away from you

How I miss you

I miss everything about you

And the most precious is that you always beside me

I won’t ever forget about you because the only thing

All I want is that you always near me



I remember when were together

When you smile, laugh, and cry

Every of your beauty make me happy

happy that I can be with you

And I ask deep inside my heart

“Will it be like this forever?”